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EEMUA Podcast

A podcast hosted by EEMUA.   © 2023 Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association.
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19 July 2024

Engineering and EEMUA: Megan Backhouse's Unique Journey

In this episode, host Deovonne Ferreira interviews Megan Backhouse, a previous recipient of the Early Years Industry Award. Megan recounts her unique path into the engineering field. She discusses the hurdles she has faced, some of her projects and underscores the value of mentorship.



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18 June 2024

Celebrating Women in Engineering: A Conversation with Deovonne Ferreira, Head of Membership at EEMUA

In this INWED 2024 episode, Host Kat Wruck welcomes Deovonne Ferreira, Head of Membership at EEMUA. They discuss Deovonne's role at EEMUA, her career journey and what keeps her passionate about her work. Tune in for an insightful and celebratory conversation!



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26 April 2024

Navigating the Perfect Storm: Industry Upheavals and Technological Shifts

This podcast episode delves into various industry upheavals and the combined effects of shifts to mitigate climate change, the energy transition, geopolitical challenges, and the increasing adoption of new technology. The discussion, led by Stefan Kukula, explores the impact of these factors on industrial operations and the challenges faced by stakeholders.

The guests, Matt Cleaver and Margit Blok, share insights, highlighting the need to reduce energy reliance, repurpose equipment, and navigate changing trading relationships. They discuss the difficulties of adapting to new energy sources, skill shortages in the industry, and the potential role of artificial intelligence in addressing labor gaps. Furthermore, the podcast explores the lingering impacts of the global pandemic, including postponed maintenance and inspection schedules. The guests reflect on the positive aspects of remote working practices and the increased reliance on technology. Overall, the episode presents a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities facing industrial asset operators in today's rapidly changing landscape.



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13 June 2023

Making Safety Seen: Inclusive Engineering and the Impact on Equality


Topics include:

  • Inclusive Engineering
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Social and Governance rating


Sarah Juliff, Megan Backhouse and Margit Blok